How Should I Brand An Independent Insurance Agency?

There are two schools of thought concerning the best way to brand an independent insurance agency: Use your carriers brands as your own. Brand your agency based on your agency characteristics, and not those of the carriers you represent. I will always recommend the second option. Here’s why……. If a carrier suddenly goes in the Read More

Why You’ll Never Be Happy Playing the Comparison Game

If you measure your success by consistently measuring it against others, you’ll never be happy. You’ll never be satisfied. You see, playing the comparison game is a losing proposition for you. Every. Time. I believe the reason we continue playing the comparison game is because we lack clear goals for ourselves. If you have no Read More

Insurance Agents: You Must Humanize Your Brand. Now.

I just returned from Brand Camp 2015. I love this conference- the content is amazing and gives me a chance to meet so many of the people I associate with online. It also allows open discussion between peers- topics include social media, marketing, customer service, metrics, sales, and of course, branding. I always walk away with lots of great Read More

A Marketing Success Story You Can Copy and Use Today

I just experienced a marketing success that I HAD to share with you. It’s my hope you’ll soak it up, then adapt and use for your own benefit. Here’s the story- it began the summer of 2014 Last summer I was reading our local newspaper and noticed a feature story about a new Bed & Read More