Creating Brand Loyalty- How Victoria’s Secret Makes Me Drop My Panties

I LOVE Victoria’s Secret like some people love chocolate. Or a martini. Or even cake. I have been on board with them since I was in middle school (I’m now 40). I don’t buy any OTHER brand. I don’t care that a bra is $50. I still buy it. WHY? Because I am 100% convinced Read More

Why I’m Scared Shitless about Starting Over (But Doing it Anyway)

I’m starting over My insurance agency just rolled out a new website (long overdue I might add) and of course, it has a blog (yay).  There was never any question that I would also write the posts for the new agency blog, in addition to writing here. Writing is my thing after all and I Read More

What Are My Options After Obamacare Open Enrollment Ends?

So, the phone calls have begun- “What are my health insurance options after Obamacare open enrollment ends?” Obamacare open enrollment for 2014 just finished March 31. If you missed the deadline, there are just a few options for health insurance available (outside of job based coverage of course). 3 Common health insurance options after Obamacare open Read More