Why I Practice Thanksgiving All Year Long

Isn’t it funny how we pack all our thanks and gratitude into one elastic- waistband sized day? What’s up with that? Just doesn’t make sense really. We really should be grateful every day. I’m not saying you should skip around your house composing homages to your hardwood floor or Jacuzzi tub. I’m saying pick ONE Read More

The Definitive Guide to the Value of an Insurance Agent

Over the past several years, insurance agents have taken a beating worthy of a Medieval stoning in the town square. The direct writers (think GEICO, SafeAuto, The General for example), consistently push the message that buying direct from them is the best way to purchase insurance. Which by its very message, basically says that insurance Read More

How to Accept Constructive Criticism and Why You Must

I Thought A Recent Post I Had Written on Personal Branding Was Totally Kick Ass The post is now called Personal Branding: A Guide for Individuals & Small Business. That isn’t what it was originally called. The original title was: The Last Article On Personal Branding You’ll Ever Need to Read. I was pretty proud Read More

Personal Branding: A Guide for Individuals & Small Business

Personal Branding is a HOT topic Within the past year or so, “personal branding” has become a hot topic. People are devoting entire seminars & webinars to the topic and so-and-so-social media guru is offering an ebook, checklist, 500 blog posts, etc. on “How to develop your personal brand.” But I have two problems with Read More