How to Accept Constructive Criticism and Why You Must

I Thought A Recent Post I Had Written on Personal Branding Was Totally Kick Ass The post is now called Personal Branding: A Guide for Individuals & Small Business. That isn’t what it was originally called. The original title was: The Last Article On Personal Branding You’ll Ever Need to Read. I was pretty proud Read More

Personal Branding: A Guide for Individuals & Small Business

Personal Branding is a HOT topic Within the past year or so, “personal branding” has become a hot topic. People are devoting entire seminars & webinars to the topic and so-and-so-social media guru is offering an ebook, checklist, 500 blog posts, etc. on “How to develop your personal brand.” But I have two problems with Read More

Spaghetti Marketing: What It Is & Why You MUST Quit Doing It

Unfortunately, I did not come up with the term “spaghetti marketing.” The credit for that rests with one of my friends on Google+, Pam Adger. A recent post of hers talked about spaghetti marketing and why it’s a bad idea. After reading her post, I thought to myself “Wow, most insurance agents/agencies (including me) practice Read More

When the World Disappoints You- How I Recovered

I recently went through the difficult process of applying for an award within my industry I submitted the application for the award- Excellence in Social Media, presented by the National Professional Insurance Agents Association. I knew I had the track record and clout to apply for this award. That’s honestly how I’ve made most of Read More