I Re-Invented Myself. Is It Time For You To Do The Same?

I’ve gotten lazy. I guess it was inevitable. I’ve been in the insurance business for nearly 19 years. Like many, I started with stars in my eyes and a fire in my belly. I started at my agency, Alan Galvez Insurance, doing marketing, and studying the industry. The following year, I got my life & Read More

How a Written Marketing Plan Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

I finally have a marketing plan for my business. It’s only taken 18+ years to accomplish this, but really, who’s counting? And when I say I have a marketing plan, I don’t mean some grand scheme floating around in my head, or a series of Post-It notes randomly strewn throughout my home and office. It’s Read More

My Christmas Tree is a Storyteller- What Story Does Yours Tell?

My favorite holiday is Christmas. And my favorite thing about Christmas is my tree. Why you may ask? The reason is simple- because like me, my Christmas tree is a storyteller. And as you know, I’m a sucker for a great story My tree tells a story that is unique to me. Sitting among those Read More

Why I Practice Thanksgiving All Year Long

Isn’t it funny how we pack all our thanks and gratitude into one elastic- waistband sized day? What’s up with that? Just doesn’t make sense really. We really should be grateful every day. I’m not saying you should skip around your house composing homages to your hardwood floor or Jacuzzi tub. I’m saying pick ONE Read More