40 years in Insurance- why my Dad’s my hero

Alan Galvez  Tomorrow is my father’s (Alan Galvez) 40th anniversary of being in the insurance business. Let me say that again: 40 YEARS. 40 years of basically the same job is unheard of anymore, for various reasons. He stumbled into it actually, like so many of us do. It was 1971 B.C. (I call that Before Read More

Why the 15 minute insurance quote is a joke

  Alright folks, I’ve finally had it: I’m tired of the direct writers making absolutely ridiculous claims that a car insurance quote can be done in no time and done accurately. My tippingpoint was the other night- A commercial came on that stated, “Get a quote in as little as 2 minutes with almost no personal Read More

What’s Ethics Got to Do With It?

So what does being ethical mean to you? In a week I will be taking my first official ethics class due to a change in Ohio’s continuing education requirement. Like many professional occupations, insurance agents in Ohio are required to take 24 hours of classes every 24 months to keep current on our industry. Recently the Read More