How to travel gracefully through life

For me it all started with my recent attendance at PIA of Ohio’s Agency Management and Profitability Conference.  As I glanced at my program I read that our opening session was called “Step Back from the Baggage Claim”, and the speaker’s name was Jason Barger. Having no idea what that title meant, I was intrigued Read More

Living the insurance dream- adding value, sharing with others and just plain having fun

I am 110% inspired and rejuvenated. And you know why? I just returned from PIA of Ohio’s Agency Management and Profitability Conference (AMPC). I attended last year (for the first time), but this year I participated as a roundtable discussion panelist. More on that in a minute…..   I have always been impressed by PIA of Read More

It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

In case you didn’t know, it’s Life Insurance Awareness month. And in case you did, it’s still Life Insurance Awareness month   Oh no, you’re thinking- she’s going to talk about life insurance. Most people would rather take a hot poker in the eye than talk about life insurance. They make excuses such as “I Read More

Giving Up Control

I DID IT.  I took a big step (for me especially) and moved from Blogger to WordPress. Why you ask? Because Blogger had developed technical difficulties, the most important being the inability for anyone (that means me too) to comment on posts. Any blogger will tell you that THAT is a major problem. And in researching the Read More