Who Else Wants to Take the Pain Out of the Home Buying Process?

  I haven’t written much here lately because I am writing furiously to get the first draft of my book to the editor before I leave for vacation Friday. The book is really all I’ve thought about since I made the decision to write it. It’s become an obsession (albeit a healthy one). To take Read More

Pit Bulls are no longer considered vicious dogs in Ohio. So what does this mean for your insurance?

It’s a watershed moment in the Buckeye State. Legislation was just passed to eliminate a 1987 law that declared pit bull dogs inherently vicious- meaning they were vicious simply due to their breed. The original law was the only one of its kind in the entire United States  to include breed-specific language.  Then came House Bill 350, Read More

The journey so far- What I’ve learned about writing a book

So I’ve screamed it from the rooftops- “I’m writing a book!” Now comes the hard part- actually living up to the hype 😉 Some surprising lessons I’ve learned as I’ve been writing: Don’t be intimidated by the term “book” as opposed to “blog.” To me a book is basically a blog on steroids. Yes, it’s a Read More

The “Joys” of Motherhood- Goddess Style

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve compiled a list of 13 “whoulda thunk it?” observations about motherhood. My perspective comes from the baby, toddler and beginning school stages (as I write this, my oldest child is 5), but I’m sure you have a vague remembrance of those stages. And if you don’t, there’s definitely a reason why        I hope Read More