Insuring Your First Home

The easy-to-read (and understand) book designed to make your home buying experience painless

Hi, I’m Carrie Reynolds and I want you to have the absolute best home buying experience. EVER.

Carrie ReynoldsBuying your first home is an amazing experience. It’s also a “Holy Crap, what did I get myself into?” series of moments. It’s a HUGE leap of faith, significant chunk of cash and one of the most overwhelming, scary and stressful experiences ever.

I know how you’re feeling- I’ve been there.

What if you had access to a resource that helped reduce and even remove the stress involved with purchasing a home? What if you got valuable information that makes your home search and purchase process as painless as possible?   Would that interest you?

I’ve been in the insurance business since 1996. And I’ve worked with hundreds of first time homeowners, helping them insure their home and educating them about the process. I’ve discovered that the majority of first time homeowners have the same questions and concerns, such as:

  1. What’s in a typical homeowners policy?
  2. What do I need to know about homeowners insurance?
  3. What’s the process for getting a home insured?
  4. How long does the process take?

They also have questions they don’t know they NEED to ask. Questions that are extremely crucial to the home searching and buying process. Questions that are seldom answered even by those in the insurance profession.

So I decided to do something about it- that’s why I wrote “Insuring Your First Home: Your Must-Have Guide to Make Home Buying Painless.”

I’m giving you the tools to look at homes the way I look at homes- from an insurance perspective. The knowledge you’ll gain will help make the home search extremely productive (who wouldn’t want to save some time looking at houses?), take the pain out of the process (and who DOESN’T want that?) and instill confidence you’re making a wise investment.

This is  an inside look at my proven process, used in counseling hundreds of first time homebuyers.

This is the most comprehensive, behind-the-scenes, real-life look at the homeowners insurance process you’ll ever find. And the guide thousands of people wish they had had when buying their first home.

Insuring Your First Home: Your Must-Have Guide to Make Home Buying Painless

What You’ll Find Inside:
  • Information that insurance companies will be wringing their hands about because “that’s our little secret.”
  • A proven process that has helped hundreds of people get to home ownership.
  • Actionable steps you can take to make insuring your home as painless as possible.
  • Glossary of common terms and loads of examples
  • Realistic, time-tested, practical advice to help you understand the process.
  • The best part- written like we’re sitting at the coffee shop having a conversation.
Who This Book Is For:
  • First time homebuyers
  • Realtors who want an inside look at homeowners insurance to better educate their own customers
  • Mortgage lenders who want an inside look at homeowners insurance so the closing proceeds without trouble
  • Any homeowner who wants the most honest, realistic, no-holds-barred look at their own policy
Here’s what you’ll gain and experience by reading this book:
  • Save Money and time- and who doesn’t want to do that? The knowledge you gain  will help you house hunt more effectively.
  • Confidence- yes, you’re making the right home-buying decision.
  • Less stress- you now have the tools to make the home searching and buying process as pleasant as possible.
  • Relief- your single largest purchase is protected correctly.

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Check out what readers are saying about Insuring Your First Home:


“Carrie Reynolds, the Insurance Goddess, is an insurance professional of the highest quality and character, the likes our industry could use more of.  I’ve been following Carrie’s work for over three years now and though her blog content is geared towards educating insurance consumers, her style and method of delivery push me to work harder and provide more value to my own community.  Insuring Your New Home is the culmination of ideas and guidance only a master insurance technician like Carrie can deliver.  The advice is relatable, while outlining the exact process that any new homeowner must understand in order to properly insure their first home. Carrie has created a must-read resource for any new homeowner looking to properly insure their home.”

Ryan Hanley- The Murray Group Insurance Services Inc.


“Carrie understands the importance of insurance for home owners, but more importantly, she understands how to explain this process in a way that makes sense.  If you are planning to buy a home or even if you have already bought a home, but have never understood the importance of insurance, this book is for you.   
Carrie uses her expertise along with a great sense of humor to walk a home buyer through the entire home buying process emphasizing the significance of proper insurance protection.  Although this book is packed with tangible insurance advice, it’s not boring or complex.  Protecting your potentially largest asset should not be done on a whim.  Read this book to make sure you are taking the right steps to better understand your home insurance.  It could save you thousands of dollars.”
Brent Kelly- Clemens Insurance 
You’ve never seen anything like this book. It’s real. It’s honest.  And it’s the book you MUST have if you want to make insuring your home as painless as possible. I guarantee it’ll be one of the best investments you make.

A small favor to ask- if you’ve read the book, could you please leave a review? I would certainly appreciate it and so would other potential readers. 

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