Attention small business owners: here’s a go-to guide for understanding business insurance

So, you’ve started a business. You’ve got business cards & stationery, maybe even a website and have been spreading the word that   “Hey I’m in business”   via traditional and digital methods. Maybe you’ve even appeared at a local event, such as a trade show. In the mad excitement that followed, did you even give more than a passing thought Read More

Warning: Your Home-Based Business is uninsured (and how to fix it!)

Many people mistakenly assume that just because you happen to operate your business from your home, your homeowners policy just follows along. I hear this a lot- “The homeowners policy protects my home and the stuff in it right? Why shouldn’t it protect everything that’s happening inside? It is in my home after all……..” Valued Read More

My “Come to Jesus” moment- What’s Yours?

  I’m pretty confident that I just lost the opportunity to insure a nice commercial property. Damn. Here’s the story: an older (circa 1880) downtown building. Massive old building, 3 stories and well over 6000 square feet. They paid peanuts for the building, however that means nothing to an insurance company. Replacement cost is how we insure Read More