Taking my lumps….How do you take yours?

I made a mistake the other day.

Yes, no matter how much I tout my “Goddess” strengths and abilities, the truth remains- my all too human side does screw up every once in a while.

So, here’s the story- I made a miscalulation on a homeowners policy and what follows is, verbatim, my note of apology to my customer.



We all screw up from time to time. But my opinion is it’s how we handle that screwup that will either create a favorable impression or cause the customer to lose all respect. I know which one I’d like- do you?

I have a hell of a lot more respect for people who admit they’ve made a mistake than those who either lie or try to shift the blame somewhere else.

If it’s your fault, just own up to it. Please. We’re all adults here. Yes, you need to accept the consequences, but don’t give me the typical party line…..

I see an appalling lack of accountability on a daily basis. My favorite excuses:

  • It’s always someone else’s fault.
  • If you can’t see me or find me, then who cares if I tell you the wrong thing? (call center mentality).
  • I just work here.
  • It must be a computer problem (granted there are technical glitches on occasion, but often it’s the human input that causes the problem)

And I see this from so-called “professionals” too.  Really? Is that indeed professional? Or the complete opposite?

If we are demanding people be transparent, authentic or whatever adjective you wish to use, don’t you think it starts with being honest?
if we want real, meaningful, open relationships (whether personal or professional), don’t we need to own up to our mistakes?

I’m not saying you should just go out and devil-may-care make as many mistakes as you want, so long as you apologize.

I AM saying Grow a pair and take responsibility for your actions.

Don’t give me excuses.

Don’t B.S. me.

I’m not sure of the fallout from my mistake, but I’ll humbly take my lumps. The question is- will you?

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During the day, I'm an Ohio Insurance Goddess, an agent, and a writer. At night, I turn into Supermom. My passions are marketing, writing, and making insurance easier for everyone to understand.

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  • brentmkelly

    Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt! Awesome post and I love the way you handled your mistake. We are all going to screw up. Me more than others, but it’s not the mistake, it’s how we handle the mistake.

    Thanks for being transparent. I think it can help all of us who will make a error. I just read a blog post by Jon Acuff that discusses posting our errors. We get tired of hearing how everyone is perfect. Sharing our mistakes makes us human and easier to relate to. Thanks.